A Book of You Emotional DNA - David K MacDonald
Lethal Injection - Crime Novel - David K MacDonald

A Book Of You

This book is about you. This would appear on face value to make no sense, we have never met and probably never will.

However, I wanted to know more about why we do what we do in our everyday life, and I realised that we have emotional DNA as well as physiological DNA.

Our emotional DNA is every bit as unique as our physiological DNA, and if we can identify it, and quantify it, then the possibilities are endless, because, unlike our physiological DNA, emotional DNA has the potential for alteration and change - no two of us are alike in our persona.

This book will show you how you can identify your emotional 'equations', illustrate the balance of your emotional DNA, and show you how to modify your emotions.

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Lethal Injection

It looked like a routine homicide with traceable DNA and a witness that never lies.

However, this was a high profile murder and the stakes were equally high.

The death penalty was on the table.

This case would cast serious doubt over the validity of capital punishment.

It would question the infallibility of forensic evidence.

The political fall out would reach the White House.

What nobody realised was that someone had committed the perfect crime not by planning but by accident.