Why do people write poetry and what is the purpose of this art form compared to prose?

For many people writing poetry is an act of self-expression. There is often something deeply personal connected to weaving words, metaphors, rhyming patterns and imagery to provide some inarticulable sense of something.

There are a few key distinctions between prose and poetry:

Prose is often a medium one uses to provoke thought

Poetry is often a medium one uses to evoke feelings.

Prose tends to be logical, analytical and purposeful.

Poetry is emotional, creative and free-floating.


Obviously, poetry can't be all of the things that prose is, and vice versa. Poetry and prose are different vessels that, due to the nature of the medium, are often best-suited for different things.

So, in sum, I write poetry when I want to express something that cannot be easily expressed in logical, precise and analytical forms.

Below is an example of my poetry; it was a published award winning poem.

Why the sea?

These salty sailors, their brave facade

To live on earth

Where foot is fine

The sea no place to tread

No riches by the air divine

Its rolling mass

Its constant sway

Its creatures vast

Its darkness grey

Its gleaming gift

Its wondrous scent

Its rape, the price of man's betray

Why kill this place

Where bodies lie

Why oil the arms

For soft embrace

Why make it sick

And watch in awe

The spray its tears to cry

Why pray for souls and sigh

All it swallows

All its anger

Why can't we see

It's only on its grace we sail

No natural place for you and me

But turn it will

And in its churning mass

Its boil of blood

Will cry

Why me?

Why the sea?